Five Fun Facts About The Farm Progress Show


Source: Farm Progress

Do you know these fun facts about the Farm Progress Show?

1. In addition to our international visitors, the Farm Progress Show hosts 49 international exhibitors from 7 countries including Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, India, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.

2. Each day, 600 local volunteers help make the Farm Progress Show successful.

3. From 1924 through 1941, Prairie Farmer sponsored corn husking contests.

4. In 1953, Prairie Farmer management launched the Farm Progress Show – a one- day event where their readers could come to a farm to see the newest commercial developments, field plots and equipment at work in the field. Back then, Prairie Farmer’s radio station, WLS, provided entertainment including the WLS National Barn Dance performers and the prairie Farmer Dinnerbell program.

5. The first Farm Progress Show took place on October 2,1953, on the Earl Bass farm in Armstrong, Illinois.


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