FMC Announces In-Field Trial Results For New Line Of Foliar Fungicides Applied At-Plant


New Xyway brand fungicides from FMC are generating quite a buzz among growers and ag retailers. A fungicide that provides season-long foliar disease protection is unheard of. Yet, Xyway brand fungicides do just that with one convenient, at-plant, in-furrow application.

“High mobility in the plant and high residual activity distinguish new Xyway brand fungicides from other fungicides, making them the first and only at-plant corn fungicides to provide season-long, inside-out foliar disease protection from planting to harvest,” explains Kianna Wilson, FMC fungicide product manager. “Growers are excited about the prospect of protecting their corn fields from yield-robbing foliar diseases like Northern corn leaf blight and gray leaf spot with an at-plant application.”

More than 400 research trials conducted over four years, including trials by 24 universities in 2020, have documented that Xyway brand fungicides applied at-planting, in-furrow consistently perform as good or better in both disease control and yields when compared to a foliar fungicide applied at R1. This exceptional finding, confirmed by university plant pathologists, gives growers a new way to manage gray leaf spot, Northern corn leaf blight and other diseases in corn with the advantage of limiting application timing hassles and expense.

Plant pathologists and growers typically don’t expect an at-plant fungicide to deliver season-long protection against foliar diseases, but that’s exactly what new Xyway brand fungicides did in researcher and grower trials.

“When I was looking at Xyway brand fungicides in the field, I actually had to get my colleagues at the research station to come look at it because it was difficult for me to imagine that 100 days after application we would still be seeing disease control,” said Plant Pathologist Dr. Kiersten Wise during a University of Kentucky corn webinar this winter. “In our trials, Xyway brand fungicides applied at-plant, in-furrow were equal to a tassel application for gray leaf spot and Northern corn leaf blight.”

Studies by researchers at Michigan State University in 2019 and 2020 confirm flutriafol, the active ingredient in Xyway brand fungicides, moves from the plant’s roots via the xylem to all leaves. Lab analysis of individual leaf, stalk and root samples collected 90 days after the at-plant fungicide application, found lethal concentrations of flutriafol in the leaves for foliar disease management

Proven to Protect Yields
In 125 research trials conducted across the U.S. from 2018-2020, Xyway brand fungicides delivered a 9.2 bu/A average yield advantage over the untreated check. FMC also had more than 30 in-field grower demonstration trials in 2020. Those resulted in an average yield advantage of 9.6 bu/A compared to the untreated check. “It was exciting to see similar performance in the 20-50-acre grower trials as we saw in the small plot replicated research trials,” says Drake Copeland, FMC technical service manager in the eastern Corn Belt

Application Flexibility
Xyway brand fungicides are available in two formulations: Xyway 3D fungicide, for exclusive use with the revolutionary 3RIVE 3D application system from FMC and Xyway LFR fungicide, which can be mixed with commonly used liquid starter or pop-up fertilizers. With a new 2(ee) recommendation, Xyway LFR fungicide may also be placed sub-surface off the row in 2×2 inch, 2x2x2 dual-placement or similar placements within 3 inches of the seed.

Local Plot and Trial Data Available
Growers who want to see results firsthand can step into the field to experience 2020 plot locations virtually by visiting the Xyway Brand Fungicides Virtual Plot Tour. An FMC technical service manager will provide an overview of each plot location and share performance takeaways throughout the tour. To learn even more about Xyway brand fungicides, their performance and view a full book of 2020 trial results, visit