FMC Launches New Website For U.S. Market


The business of growing and protecting crops is highly dynamic. In just the last five months, FMC has introduced three new crop protection products in the U.S.

“FMC has its most robust innovation pipeline in a generation. We are broadening our synthetic active ingredient chemistries, new biological solutions and precision application technologies,” notes Lisa Homer, senior communications manager for FMC in the U.S. “Our customers contend with a changing array of pests, weather and market challenges every season, and FMC is taking further strides to deliver quick access to timely, relevant information as market and field conditions develop.”

This month, FMC launches a new website,, to help growers, crop advisors, retailers and others keep pace with this rapidly changing landscape. The completely redesigned FMC website provides extensive product resources and agronomic insights focused on innovative and sustainable crop protection technologies that can help growers optimize yields and improve returns.

The site was constructed with two FMC core business principles in mind: being easy to work with and being customer centric. “We conducted extensive research to determine the needs and wants of all the groups who depend on our website for information about FMC products and have applied those findings in developing our new site,” explained Homer. “In addition to easy access to product labels, which we know is important to our customers, the site also offers useful guidance and resources to help growers address the challenges they face in the field.”

Enhancements to the new website include the ability to search by crop and by a specific area of the country, allowing users to rapidly find information regarding diseases, weeds and pests associated with those crops in their particular locale. Additionally, links to videos, webinars, podcasts and other educational materials are featured on the site. The new company website is now live at