FMC Releases Advanced Avaunt Insecticide Formulation


FMC has just released and made available for immediate use a new insecticide formulation, Avaunt eVo insect control, in a range of crops including brassicas, pome and stone fruits, cucurbits, leafy vegetables, low-growing berries and dried and succulent beans. Avaunt eVo insect control is an advanced formulation of Avaunt insecticide that provides improved mixability and rainfastness, an expanded label and an updated package size for easier handling.

“This is the next evolution of our indoxacarb-based insecticides for specialty crop growers. Avaunt insecticide has been a proven tool, and now we’ve evolved the formulation to enhance its capabilities,” says John McCool, FMC insecticide product manager. “Strengthening existing technology is another way FMC is continuing to bring innovation to the market and advance agriculture.”

Avaunt eVo insect control delivers effective control of labeled Lepidopteran pests, including several species of weevils, beetles and other chewing and sucking pests. Its expanded label also allows for higher application rates in certain crops, as well as new crop additions including dried and succulent beans, low-growing berries and small fruit vine climbing subgroups.

The new formulation delivers significantly improved residual control, mixability and rainfastness. Avaunt eVo insect control is completely rainfast once it has dried on vegetation.

“Enhancing these three attributes directly translates to better overall performance in the field,” explains Hector Portillo, insecticide product development manager for FMC. “For example, when we look at Avaunt eVo insect control trials nine days after the initial application, we’re still getting 80-90% control; a 10-20% improvement in control over the original Avaunt insecticide during the same post-application window.”

In addition to better performance, the improved mixability of Avaunt eVo insect control equates to less downtime and greater flexibility for growers. The product dissolves faster in the tank than the original Avaunt insecticide and other wettable granular insecticides. It also has a reduced mixing process, which alleviates the requirement for a set mixing cadence.

Strong, Resilient Rotational Tool
Indoxacarb, the active ingredient in Avaunt eVo insect control, belongs to the unique and proven oxadiazine class of chemistry in IRAC Group 22. Indoxacarb is the only Group 22 insecticide labeled for this crop and pest spectrum, making Avaunt eVo insect control an ideal rotational partner for growers.

“Being this is the only mode of action registered for use in this segment, it’s a strong fit in crops where growers make multiple insecticide applications per season. It provides rotational flexibility to help growers manage resistance and protect existing chemistries from resistance development,” Portillo states.

Avaunt eVo insect control is a resilient option for growers operating under hot, intense environmental conditions since it is unaffected by pH, UV, high sunlight and temperature, which are the primary factors for insecticide breakdown and failure.

For more information about Avaunt eVo insect control, visit your FMC Star Retailer or to learn more.