Golden Harvest Agronomic Guide Uses Farmer Insights To Deliver Advice


Golden Harvest released its Agronomy in Action 2022 Research Review today to help equip corn and soybean farmers for the upcoming season. This review takes learnings from applied and practical agronomic studies conducted during the 2021 growing season at Golden Harvest Agronomy in Action research sites and provides nearly 100 pages of data and recommendations to help farmers make research-backed decisions throughout the season.

For the third edition of this agronomic guide, Golden Harvest started by turning to farmers to better understand what most influenced corn and soybean yields on their farms over the last 10 years and thus where to place research emphasis.

“We wanted farmers to know that we’re listening,” said Syngenta Seeds Technical Agronomy Manager Bruce Battles. “That’s why we started off the development of this year’s agronomic guide with a survey, because we trust our farmers to tell us exactly what they need to make a difference in their fields.”

The survey consulted 101 Midwestern corn and soybean farmers, who cited improvements in management practices as being almost as important as genetic improvements for enhancing average yield. Interestingly, 84% of farmers felt it is important to customize management practices to specific hybrids, yet only half of them are actually doing so ― likely due to the lack of having hybrid-specific knowledge readily available to do so.

“The agronomic information in the book is extremely helpful for any corn and soybean farmer, but even more so for the Golden Harvest farmer because it provides tailored data and recommendations featuring the Golden Harvest corn and soybean portfolios,” said Battles. “Aerial imagery, tar spot management in corn and hybrid specific response to precision fertilizer placement are just some of the topics explored in this edition.”

The book features 34 articles and is organized into seven sections with each focusing on a critical factor of farm management:

• Technology Spotlight
• Corn Management
• Corn Pest Management
• Nutrient Management
• Soybean Management
• General Management
• Livestock Feed Management

“Golden Harvest is committed to our farmers and our research, which is why we’re so excited to bring our customers yet another insight-filled edition of the Agronomy in Action Research Review,” said Battles.

The Agronomy in Action 2022 Research Review is now available for download at