Golden Harvest Extends Payment Date For Products Purchased In Its “Golden Advantage” Program


As farmers seek greater flexibility to best manage financial resources during a challenging farm economy, the Golden Advantage program provides an extended-terms offer with 0% interest on purchases of Golden Harvest brand seed products. Under the Golden Advantage program, payment for Golden Harvest seed and seed treatment purchases for the 2021 planting season is not due until Dec. 3, 2021.

Golden Advantage is designed to help farmers make the best use of all their open lines of credit and prioritize their farm input purchases. The extended-terms offer is in addition to any applicable discounts provided by Golden Harvest and applies to eligible purchases submitted by May 15, 2021, for use next season.

“Across the country, farmers are dealing with significant financial pressures in the wake of the continuing global pandemic, Midwest derecho and local agronomic challenges,” said Dave Young, Golden Harvest head of marketing. “The Golden Advantage program is another important tool we can provide farmers to offer more flexibility in how they manage their whole-farm profitability over the next 15-18 months.”

To participate in the program, farmers should first contact their local Golden Harvest Seed Advisor, and then review the detailed Golden Advantage program terms and conditions and apply online at, where farmers can also monitor spending limits and pay for extended-term purchases. Enogen products sold through an authorized Golden Harvest Seed Advisor are also eligible.

“During these difficult times, we recognize helping farmers maximize yield potential is only one aspect of the service Golden Harvest provides,” Young said. “With programs like Golden Advantage, we’re focused on doing whatever it takes to put farmers first and help them succeed.”

The Golden Harvest portfolio is available from Golden Harvest Seed Advisors, who combine high-yielding seed options with local agronomic knowledge. To find your local, independent Seed Advisor and gain more information on Golden Harvest corn and soybeans, visit