Golden Harvest: FIRST Trial Results Prove Strength Of Golden Harvest Soybean Portfolio


Source: Golden Harvest news release

All the results are finalized, and according to the 2018 Farmers’ Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST) trials, Golden Harvest soybeans produced 41 Top 3 finishes, beating out both Asgrow and Pioneer. Knowing which varieties in the market are the strongest performers can help farmers firm up their soybean decisions for 2019. While seed company trials are an important data point, third-party data provides an unbiased comparison across seed brands to reveal the top performers.

“The data and insights we gain from third-party trials such as FIRST are extremely valuable,” said Dennis Storm, Golden Harvest soybean product manager. “Year after year, we see superior performance from the Golden Harvest soybean portfolio, which is a result of our advanced genetics combined with the latest traits and technologies to protect against many of today’s toughest threats. By making strategic choices on their soybean acres, farmers increase their yield potential to effectively improve their profit potential.”

Nationwide, Golden Harvest had 41 Top 3 finishers and 131 Top 10 finishers in the FIRST trials. Comparatively, Asgrowhad 21 Top 3 finishers and 75 Top 10 finishers, while Pioneeronly had 19 Top 3 finishers and 62 Top 10 finishers. Some of the Top 3 varieties include Golden Harvest soybean brands GH1915X, GH2041X, GH2788X, GH3546X and GH3475X.

Since 1997, FIRST has been providing timely, unbiased comparisons of innovative seed genetics to improve yield and profitability for American corn and soybean farmers. In 2018, tests were run in 15 states on 686 soybean products from 54 companies, revealing the strength of the Golden Harvest soybean portfolio. For more details on the trials or local results, visit

The Golden Harvest 2019 planting season portfolio includes 37 new corn hybrids – 21 of which are from 16 new genetic families – and 17 new soybean varieties. Last year, Golden Harvest announced it would benefit from an incremental $400 million investment. The breadth and quality of its 2019 seed portfolio showcase that pledge.


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