Golden Harvest: New Data Highlights Strong Yield Results Despite Extreme Weather


Golden Harvest unveiled new data today from 2021 field trials, highlighting the brand’s leading traits and genetics when compared directly against competitors. The 2021 growing season brought extreme weather across the Corn Belt, with severe drought in the West and heavy rains in the East. Despite these challenges, Golden Harvest corn and soybean products outperformed competitors in many Midwestern fields1, a testament to the Golden Harvest commitment to deliver solutions for each farmer’s unique agronomic challenges. As farmers begin 2022 seed plans, they can have confidence in the expanded 2022 Golden Harvest portfolio as well as the proven performance of corn hybrids and soybean varieties from this past season.

Game-changing corn performance
The game-changing Golden Harvest corn hybrids feature superior traits and strong genetics to deliver a broadly adapted corn portfolio that performs in diverse weather conditions. Results from recent trials1 show why farmers can have confidence in the Golden Harvest corn portfolio. For example:
Х Golden Harvest corn G08R52-3220 E-Z Refuge brand outyielded Pioneer P0688Q by 2.8 bu/A in 44 comparisons.
Х Golden Harvest corn G10D21-5332 E-Z Refuge brand outyielded DEKALB DKC58-64 by 4.4 bu/A in 21 comparisons.
Х Golden Harvest corn G10L16-5332A E-Z Refuge brand outyielded DEKALB DKC59-81 by 6.5 bu/A in 118 comparisons.
Х Golden Harvest corn G15J91-3220 E-Z Refuge brand outyielded DEKALB DKC65-84 by 9.3 bu/A in 19 comparisons.

“As 2021 corn yield trials prove, Golden Harvest offers elite corn genetics and cutting-edge trait packages that outperform the competition when it comes to yield,” said Andy Ackley, Golden Harvest corn product manager. “By listening to farmers and providing strong corn hybrid seed options, we deliver custom seed solutions that farmers can count on when it counts most тАХ during harvest.”

Strong genetics and broad trait choice deliver maximized soybean yield potential
2021 trials1 showed that not only do Golden Harvest soybean seeds provide the industry’s broadest choice of soybean herbicide tolerance trait platforms, but they also deliver top yield performance. The Golden Harvest soybean portfolio beat key competitors across the Midwest, including:
Х Golden Harvest soybean GH2292E3 brand outyielded Pioneer P22T18E by 4.2 bu/A in 24 comparisons.
Х Golden Harvest soybean GH2922E3 brand outyielded Asgrow AG28XF1 by 3.1 bu/A in 27 comparisons.
Х Golden Harvest soybean GH2722XF brand outyielded Asgrow AG27XF2 by 2.4 bu/A in 15 comparisons.
Х Golden Harvest soybean GH4222XF brand outyielded Asgrow AG44XF1 by 3.0 bu/A in 9 comparisons.

“We’re proud to offer farmers soybean varieties with proven performance in addition to a wide choice of trait platforms,” said Stephanie Porter, Golden Harvest soybean product manager. “More choice means farmers have more ways to manage risk and diversify their operations. And we will offer farmers even more choice in 2022 тАХ this time with our genetics тАХ as we launch our Gold Series soybeans with elite genetics from Syngenta Seeds.”

2022 Golden Harvest new corn and soybean seed
To expand upon its broadly adapted and high-performing portfolio, Golden Harvest released 19 new corn hybrids in addition to 39 new soybean varieties for 2022 planting.

Backed by the speed, power and precision of Syngenta Seeds research and development, the 19 new Golden Harvest corn hybrids range in relative maturity from 90 to 117 days. Several new hybrids include Agrisure trait options to protect genetic yield potential, and the expansion also includes five new Enogen corn hybrids.

Also available for 2022 planting will be the first-ever Golden Harvest Gold Series, a line of soybeans that feature elite genetics and agronomic traits in high-demand trait platforms, including Enlist E3 soybeans and XtendFlex soybeans. The 34 new Gold Series varieties range in relative maturity from 0.09 to 5.7. In addition to the 34 Gold Series soybean products, Golden Harvest will also offer five new Enlist E3 soybean varieties.