Golden Harvest Releases Its “Agronomy In Action 2020 Research” Review


olden Harvest today released its Agronomy in Action 2020 Research Review to farmers nationwide, showcasing a commitment to delivering best-in-class agronomy and service. The book features 2019 Golden Harvest Agronomy in Action research studies with more than 100 pages of agronomic knowledge to help farmers plan for and navigate the upcoming season.

The all-in-one book, which includes more than 30 research articles, is organized into seven sections:

Each section includes research study findings, agronomic insights and management recommendations.

“There’s no doubt that 2019 presented its fair share of challenges, but we’re heading into the 2020 season optimistic because we are able to take those challenges and learn from them,” said Andy Heggenstaller, Syngenta Seeds head of agronomy. “Agronomy is at the core of Golden Harvest, which is why we wanted to take those agronomic learnings to develop a comprehensive, yet accessible, resource for farmers.”

Golden Harvest researchers recognize how valuable time is for farmers, and taking the time to conduct on-farm research can take away from time spent in the field. To solve this problem, Agronomy in Action research sites are set up at 80 locations across the Corn Belt to provide localized research studies and applicable findings.

When it comes to agronomy, there’s also a lot to consider: “What’s the disease risk of this specific hybrid? How do I manage white mold in soybeans? What do I do if my soil pH is above average?” The Agronomy in Action 2020 Research Review helps farmers find answers to these questions so they can effectively manage the season ahead.

“The delayed and drawn out planting season last year created challenges for managing crop growth and development and weed, disease and insect control,” said Heggenstaller. “As we head into 2020 planting, many, if not most farmers are going to have to rethink or adjust their management practices. The Agronomy in Action 2020 Research Review covers topics from seeding rates to nitrogen management and everything in-between, so that we’re able to offer solutions to the problems farmers are facing.”

The Agronomy in Action 2020 Research Review is now available for download at Hard copy books will be sent to existing Golden Harvest farmers.

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