Golden Harvest’s New Agronomy Research Book Equips Farmers For 2021 Growing Season Success

The Agronomy in Action 2021 Research Review provides farmers with more than 150 pages of agronomic insights tailored to the Golden Harvest portfolio. Photo source: Syngenta, 2021.

Golden Harvest released its Agronomy in Action 2021 Research Review today to help corn and soybean farmers across the country prepare for the upcoming season. With all-new updates that build on last year’s edition, the book is a testament to Golden Harvest’s commitment to delivering best-in-class agronomy and service.

The Agronomy in Action 2021 Research Review provides a comprehensive review of applied and practical agronomic studies conducted during the 2020 growing season at Golden Harvest Agronomy in Action research sites, with more than 150 pages of insights to help farmers make research-based decisions this season. Agronomy in Action research sites are set up at eight main locations and upward of 70 locations for a few specific trials across the Corn Belt to provide localized research studies and applicable findings, so that farmers can focus their valuable time on their crop production.

“Not only does the book provide great agronomic information that is beneficial for any corn or soybean farmer to have, but it also provides specific data and recommendations tailored to the Golden Harvest portfolio,” said Bruce Battles, technical agronomy manager at Syngenta. “This year’s edition of the Agronomy in Action Research Review features a wide range of topics, such as narrow row corn response, innovative seed treatments, fertility responses and biologicals.”

The book features close to 50 research articles, organized by the six stages in the season that correspond with the Golden Harvest Service 365 commitment to deliver the ultimate service experience to farmers, all year round:

• Season Prep
• Establishment
• Plant Growth
• Yield Potential
• Harvest Prep
• Harvest and Post-Harvest

Each section includes trial results and learnings to help Golden Harvest farmers mitigate risk and adjust management techniques for each stage of the 2021 growing season and beyond.

“Some of our trials focused on management systems that the average farmer might not have implemented yet,” Battles said. “The results captured in this book might not change what a farmer does today, but they can help them prepare and adapt for the future.”

The Agronomy in Action 2021 Research Review is now available for download at

Hard copies will be sent to existing Golden Harvest farmers.

The Golden Harvest portfolio is available from Golden Harvest Seed Advisors, who combine high-yield potential corn and soybean seed options with local agronomic knowledge and deliver a Service 365 year-round commitment to doing whatever it takes to yield results for farmers.