Great Plains Introduces The Terra-Max, Its Newest Hybrid Tillage Solution


Great Plains has recently developed a new solution in its hybrid tillage line-up – the Terra-Max. Great Plains defines hybrid tillage as a tillage system that uses a blend of vertical and conventional tillage methods or tools that allow for an aggressive field pass at faster operating speeds.

Named “Terra”, meaning “Earth,” the Terra-Max is a versatile soil management solution that can be used as primary and secondary tillage to address a wide variety of needs from killing weeds and sizing residue to preparing a perfect seedbed.

Offered in 20ˈ to 40ˈ models, the Terra-Max is designed to perform variable-intensity tillage with adjustable front and rear coulter gangs.

The front gangs adjust from 0 to 8 degrees, while the rear coulter gangs adjust proportionally from 0 to 6 degrees for adaptability in ever-changing soil conditions. With the Terra-Max, producers have the ability to create the ideal seedbed with a high-quality finish; level soils, remove ruts, and bury residue; and control resistant weeds – all with one tool.

Rodney Hake, Tillage Engineering Manager for Great Plains, said, “What makes the Terra-Max really shine, compared to other hybrid tillage tools on the market, is its finishing capabilities. The seedbed coming out from behind this machine is second to none.” A lengthened frame, opposing left-hand and right-hand rolling spike harrows, and a double-basket rear attachment combined with active hydraulic down-pressure, all work together to provide a seedbed-ready, high-quality finish.

The Terra-Max produces unrivaled tillage results with the new TurboSpeed blade. The TurboSpeed design combines the best features from the TurboBlade used on the highly-successful Turbo-Max and the SpeedBlade from the Velocity. The TurboSpeed blade achieves its soil penetration and breakout capabilities from the TurboBlade and operates at faster speeds because of the SpeedBlade’s low-concavity profile that drives the blade through the soil. The unique TurboSpeed blade will provide producers with an impressive tillage result.

The Terra-Max will be offered with the optional Implement Command system, allowing producers to set, adjust, and monitor the unit from the tractor cab. Implement Command is ISO-compatible and works with the tractor’s existing virtual terminal.

The Great Plains Terra-Max is ideal for producers who are looking for a versatile tillage solution to address a wide variety of needs in both fall and spring field conditions. Hake said, “With front gangs that angle from 0 to 8 degrees, new rear attachments that are some of the most aggressive on the market, and the new Implement Command system, we think the combination of features we have put together will be really beneficial for producers.” To learn more about the Great Plains Terra-Max, visit