Launched, Helps Directly Link Farmers With Buyers

623 ( formally announces the launch of its global food-supply chain networking platform. connects farmers with buyers, allowing users to trade and engage in sales transactions through direct communication across the platform.

The platform serves as a neutral and safe hosting destination where food-supply chain users create custom profiles to connect with other users looking to buy or sell nationally and globally. is signing on new members now, and is currently waiving the yearly membership fee until the COVID-19 global pandemic clears.

“We created to help farmers expand their sales far beyond their usual local connections,” said Lee Seward. “Global food service Market is huge, representing around $3.4 trillion value Globally in 2018 alone – and estimated to reach $4.2 trillion by 2024, that’s a huge business, with a lot of companies who need to connect with each other, especially with the COVID-19 disruption. So, we’ve created an innovative platform that allows farmers and the buyers to easily connect directly.

“Farmers now have more hands-on control over the selling of their goods, while Buyers have direct access to Farmers and Growers needed for their supply chains anywhere. This ultimately creates more sales income for the Buyers and Farmers, while helping small business grow their brand pivoting both Nationally and Globally from this one platform. allows Farmers and Buyers to maximize income by removing boundaries and expanding reach.” Direct Connections is offered to farmers and buyers around the world with yearly membership fee and unlimited connections. With this streamlined connection, users can cut out wasted time spent searching for new contacts and cold-calling to inquire about services or goods. Members create profiles to promote themselves and their products.

Each profile allows for photo and data uploads, website and social media links, private messages, and a rating system that enables members to evaluate the interaction of other users. Buyers can find exactly what they are searching for, while Farmers have a ready market of Buyers available at their fingertips. All buyers and sellers are clearly sorted and labeled and the site is easy to use from a phone or tablet. Reviews
“I like your site and the ease of use to connect with Buyers.” -Darrin C.
“I would love to be partnered with your company as you expand into my country!” -Klaus M.

“Your company sounds awesome – we wish you success!” -Local farm bureau. is working to widen its platform functionality with one-click features that promote ease and speed of commerce, while quickly expanding into other countries to represent an ever-increasing diverse community of farmers and buyers.