Growers Edge Release Crop Plan 2.0, Provides Recommended Agronomic Plans


Growers Edge, a provider of data-driven financial technology (fintech) solutions for the agricultural industry, announced today the launch of Crop Plan 2.0, a simple and fast platform delivering a new era of warranty-backed agronomic crop plans for the ag industry.

“We’re proud of the revolutionary product we brought to market in 2016 that has helped retailers get new technology and practices in the hands of farmers,” said Dan Cosgrove, Growers Edge CEO. “Crop Plan 2.0 advances the industry again with an easy interface and simplified administration that transforms the client experience and adapts to the changing needs of this resilient industry.”

Crop Plan 2.0 builds upon the success of the revolutionary product deployed in 2020. It uses Grower Edge’s data and analytics to build valuable crop performance plans that continue to meet the retailer’s strategic business needs while maximizing their farmer’s performance, but with four important new features.

All digital experience. Simplified enrollment, administration and reporting that can be completed on a computer, tablet or mobile device by a farmer or sales representative.

Field-level enrollment. Rather than relying on complicated government or crop insurance unit definitions, Crop Plan 2.0 allows farmers to enroll acres using familiar point and tap features used by many GPS mapping systems.

Adopting revolutionary data science and analytics. Crop Plan 2.0 utilizes Grower Edge’s proprietary YesterYield technology and data analytics model to quickly identify a farmer’s production history and harvest yield benchmark, which establishes if a warranty payment or credit is due.

Faster and efficient reporting, management and payments. The new and improved platform delivers a better farmer and retailer experience through simplified enrollment, reporting and payments. Crop Plan 2.0’s enhanced process delivers most farmer warranty payments by the end of the calendar year versus the end of the first quarter of the following year.

“We built Crop Plan 2.0 by listening to our innovative ag retailer partners and their customers to address challenges that may prevent them from easily enrolling or quickly receiving warranty payments,” said Todd Robran, Vice President of Sales at Growers Edge. “We continue pushing the envelope of creative and meaningful risk management solutions that help the entire ag industry thrive.”

Growers Edge partners with agricultural input suppliers, retailers and other organizations across the U.S. to deliver grower-relevant financial technology solutions to meet the ag industry’s ever-changing demands. Growers Edge is the industry leader in warranty-backed crop plans and embedded finance solutions for the ag industry. In 2021, the company announced its first sustainability-focused Crop Plan and deployed its new end-to-end embedded financing platform for the ag industry. To date, Growers Edge has partnered with more than 50 retailers to impact hundreds of thousands of acres throughout the United States.