Hagie Updates Its 204SP Detasseler


Hagie has updated its 204SP Detasseler and added the new John Deere 4.5L 173-horsepower PowerTech Tier 4/Stage V Engine. On-board fuel capacity has been increased to 90 gallons with a single fuel-fill location with DEF located on the righthand side service platform.

The blade on the updated cutter head contacts the corn sooner to improve cut quality compared to previous models. The cutter head deck is shallower than previous models with improved cutter head crop flow for high-quality cutting at high speeds.

A QuickTach option on the cutter and puller heads is now offered making it possible to quickly change over from cutter to puller attachments by simply removing two locking pins on each head. Quick Connect hydraulic fittings have also been added, making it easy to switch attachment hydraulics when changing from cutters to pullers.

“Hagie has been supplying seed-corn growers and contractors, and seed companies with specialized equipment to manage silks, tassels and pollen mechanically in hybrid seed fields for more than 70 years,” said Reagan Rieken, John Deere product marketing manager. “Now, we’ve taken the field-proven Hagie 204SP Detasseler, and made it better by adding a John Deere-built engine and precision-ag technology, along with other complementary equipment and offerings through the outstanding John Deere dealer network.”

The Hagie 204SP Detasseler features a new John Deere 4.5L 173-horsepower PowerTech Tier 4/Stage V Engine.

The 204SP offers industry-leading high-crop clearance Hagie is known for (77 inches) that makes it possible to operate in taller crop varieties, a lightweight design, and independent air-ride suspension for enhanced operator comfort and improved operational functions of the detasseler attachments.

The Hagie 204SP is now available for ordering. For more information, visit the John Deere website, or your local John Deere dealer.