Harvest Returns Tops $5 Million In Agriculture Investments


Agriculture investment platform Harvest Returns has reached the milestone of raising over $5 million in global private placement farming opportunities.

Harvest Returns has emerged as one of the leading agriculture investing platforms within the past few years. The company is disrupting agriculture finance by providing producers and agribusiness entrepreneurs with a streamlined, flexible source of capital. The demand for curated risk-adjusted opportunities in a compelling asset class previously inaccessible to individual investors continues to rise.

Harvest Returns Chief Executive Officer Chris Rawley is proud of the work his team has done, as this marks a significant achievement for the company.

“Agriculture is a rapidly evolving space, being driven by technology, fragmented consumer preferences, and most recently, disrupted food supply chains,” said Rawley. “We’re focusing on a few different verticals that we see offer the most growth potential for our investors, including indoor agriculture and grass-fed livestock.”

The company has helped grass-fed cattle and sheep producers raise $2.5 million, while funding vertical farms and other specialty growers across the country and overseas.

“We’re passionate about helping small and mid-sized farmers start and expand their operations, while contributing towards a more resilient and healthy food system,” notes Rawley.

David Nicola is CEO of Blackdirt Farms, a grass-fed cattle producer in the Southeastern United States that has completed two successful raises on the company’s investment platform.

“We are very pleased with the results of our partnership with Harvest Returns as it provided access to a base of investors outside Blackdirt’s existing network and proved to be an effective platform for raising capital,” said Nicola.

Since establishment in 2016, Harvest Returns has distributed over $600,000 in returns to platform investors. The company reports a community of over 5,000 investors and nearly 700 farmers, ranchers, and agribusinesses.