Helios Launches AI Platform To Predict Agricultural Supply Chain Disruptions


Helios Artificial Intelligence, Inc. launched the open beta of its platform that identifies agricultural supply chain disruptions ahead of time. During the beta phase, users will receive a 30-day free trial and can immediately start testing the new product at www.helios.sc.

Francisco Martin-Rayo, co-founder & CEO, stated, “Our vision is to create a one-stop platform for agricultural importers to understand the risks to their supply chain – and get ahead of their competitors. Even at the beta stage our customers have access to customized climate and economic risks for any latitude/longitude in the world, providing insights on 200+ commodities in 180 countries.”

Whether you’re a global multinational or a small importer, with Helios you’re able to:

Predict supply availability ahead of your competitors – and find alternative suppliers before they do

Identify climate and economic risks to yields – and work with your supply chain partners to mitigate them before it’s too late

Provide actionable input into the negotiation process with our insights and access to billions of data points

Existing customers have already seen transformative results when using Helios. William Hovis, former Global Chief Procurement of the Coca-Cola Company, says, “I always dreaded those times when a supplier was missing deliveries and, as a result, we were missing sales. Helios provides you with actionable insights to avoid these situations and get ahead of your competitors.”

Michele Conners, Head of Global Sourcing and Strategy at Just Quality International, said, “Helios helps us to be better informed in supplier discussions and negotiations by flagging key supply risks ahead of time. We’re able to mitigate disruption proactively and ensure our products ship and deliver on time. Our Helios dashboard gives us an unparalleled level of transparency into ESG, climate, economic and political factors impacting each of our suppliers.”

For questions or media requests, please reach out to Francisco Martin-Rayo at f@helios.sc.