Hoegemeyer Celebrates 85 Years In The Western Corn Belt


Hoegemeyer, the leader of seed solutions and farmer success, is celebrating 85 years of combining local expertise with personalized service to give growers the right products that thrive in the Western Corn Belt.

“The Hoegemeyer way of doing business is built on trust and reliability,” says Jeremy Thompson, general manager for Hoegemeyer. “It has stood the test of time and will continuing to thrive into the future. We’re committed to evolving as a company to build upon on 85-year legacy of providing solutions to the challenges our growers face here in the Western Corn Belt.”

Hoegemeyer’s product portfolio includes corn, soybeans, alfalfa, sorghum and seed treatments proven to perform in the Western Corn Belt. The company’s team of dedicated agronomist brings the latest research, local yield data plot data and growing tips directly to growers.

Hoegemeyer history
Founded in 1937, the Hoegemeyer family started producing hybrid seeds in Hooper, Neb. Farmer H. Chris Hoegemeyer and his son, Leonard, developed a rugged, stress-tolerant corn hybrid after studying agronomy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Kansas State University and the University of Missouri.

Leonard’s son, Tom, followed in his father’s footsteps in 1974, building Hoegemeyer into a well-respected seed company in the region. In 2018, Hoegemeyer joined Corteva Agriscience as part of their multi-channel, multi-brand seed strategy for the U.S.Part of Hoegemeyer’s success the past 85 years is due in large part to its people and their dedication to helping the region’s growers.”Our most valuable asset remains our people and their continued commitment to serve and support our customers,” says Thompson.For the past 40 years, Steve Casper has been a Hoegemeyer farmer dealer. Casper plants Hoegemeyer on his farm in Nebraska and also advises his friends and neighbors on the best hybrids for their fields.”Selling Hoegemeyer is very rewarding,” said Casper. “It’s extremely satisfying to know I’m ensuring long-term success for my customers by selling the best product for our area. At the end of the day, their high yields are my reward too.”Grower satisfaction
Rob Hinrichs is a fourth-generation farmer in Hildreth, Neb. He grows corn, soybean and wheat on 4,800 acres and has bought Hoegemeyer from Casper since he began farming. Rob’s father planted Hoegemeyer and his grandfather before him.”Having longevity in a company is important and the products perform well for our farm, but the service we get from Steve sets Hoegemeyer apart,” said Henrich’s. “Steve’s farm is right down the road from ours, so he knows what works in our area. If weather hits, Steve and his wife Jody are the first ones to call and check in on us to see how we are. As much as I like the performance I get with Hoegemeyer, I’ve always appreciated that caring neighbor even more than the hybrids themselves.”Fueled by one of the world’s largest, U.S.-based research and development engines, Hoegemeyer has access to genetics, germplasm and innovative trait technology, while still maintaining their local roots and agronomic expertise.