Horizon Seeds Canada expands for 2019


“A company on the move”, Horizon Seeds Canada Inc. will have a greater exposure this selling season. The staff, or always referred to by Rick Van Laecke, president as the “team”, has grown to include three new specialists to help promote and bring value to our grower customers across the country through our brand.

Jessica Van Laecke has joined Horizon Seeds in the role of Marketing and Communications. The core values of Horizon Seeds are important, “it is the foundation of our customer relationship” stated Rick. Jessica will position Horizon Seeds as a caring family owned Canadian company. Expanding both east and west, two individuals have joined the team to expand dealer networks. Garett Veldman, Western Business Lead, resides in Carman Manitoba. His role will be to increase the brand presence through distributions such as farm dealers and input companies. Garett’s focus on customer service and product place has already show progress with the best ever sales volume in western Canada. In the east, Craig Carson, from Picton Ontario, joined the team late this fall. Craig is very well known and respected in the Eastern market. His vast knowledge and experience have already proven to be valuable to the growers of eastern Ontario by increasing sales immediately. Horizon Seeds is proving we are here to stay by this commitment and investment into a top-notch professional presence. Sales and growth come from relationships that prove to be valuable to our customers, not from simply pushing product into the market place on volume or price points. We know performance and placement are key to grower’s success and therefore the most important part of our business will always be the team who represents the brand. Horizon’s goal is to be the trusted seed supplier growers can turn to for straight, fair answers and excellent product. “We don’t need to be the biggest, but undoubtedly need to be the best” Rick closed the interview with. “A company on the move” indeed!


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