Introducing Verdova – A New Agricultural Data Connectivity Platform


Verdova was founded in 2021 to help growers harness the power of data to amplify the voice of growers within the food value chain. The founding team at Verdova is comprised of farmers, entrepreneurs, and technologists with a combined goal to maximize the value and availability of precision agricultural data.

Verdova connects, combines, cleans, and aggregates growers’ data, transforming the data from its crude state into a valuable asset to be used by current and future data buyers. This enables transparency and accuracy in decision making by all parties, as well as a recurring monetization opportunity for growers. Verdova is a ‘grower first’ platform allowing a majority percentage of every dollar made on the data provided to be given back to the grower. Currently, 1.6 million acres have enrolled nationwide with Verdova.

“My farm is a big team, and I think of my seed and chemical reps as my offensive and defensive coordinators, respectively. Teams grow their knowledge by looking at stats and footage after the game. Verdova will allow us to look at all the stats consistently, and build on that knowledge year after year.” – Andy Jenks – co-founder of Verdova

“We have watched most industries around us create more efficiency with data-driven platforms. We have not seen this within the ag companies serving farmers.” Austin Endress – co-founder & CEO of Verdova

“Data has value, farmers should not give it away for free. Growers needs to be the priority; your data is valuable. Monetize it.” Matt Barnard – co-founder of Verdova