John Deere Advocates For Agriculture at CES 2021, Wins Award


For the first time in its history, CES 2021 went to an online trade show format and John Deere was once again an exhibitor. As part of its display, John Deere virtually took attendees, media, and other guests to Iowa, where they could walk through a farm, sit in a tractor, and gain an understanding of the value of each seed planted.

John Deere exhibited at CES 2021 to share stories about its agricultural technology on display to the tech audience attendees. “Farmers must feed a growing global population with less available land and work through the variables inherent in farming, like changing weather conditions, variations in soil quality, and pest management,” said Laurel Caes, public relations manager for John Deere.

“Each year, these variables have consequential effects on their ability to grow crops. The technology in our smart machines can help them create predictability from this variability, and that’s one story we are sharing. Smart technology in John Deere equipment gives farmers insights to help them quickly make data-driven decisions, backed by science, which can improve their results.”

This year, John Deere showcased its 8RX four-track tractor, and 16-row 1775NT ExactEmerge Planter to tell this story to the tech audience while highlighting the technology used in planting and growing crops. “The tech audience and some general public may not fully understand the capabilities of the technology in our smart machines that allow farmers to efficiently and sustainably prepare, plant and care for their crops,” Caes said.

“For example, John Deere Exact Emerge technology, enables precise seed placement at higher speeds while achieving precision at scale for farmers challenged by the tight planting time frame. This technology ensures optimal planting conditions to help farmers be more profitable and sustainable. By exhibiting at CES 2021, we can elevate this conversation and share this important story with others outside of agriculture to help them better understand where their food comes from and the important role technology plays in putting food on their tables.”

This year, CES presented John Deere with its 2021 Best of Innovation Award in the Robotics category for the X Series Combine that was introduced last summer. This award was given to only the highest-rated product in each category. The Robotics category highlighted programmable or otherwise intelligent machines capable of performing specific tasks or replicating human movement or interactions.

“To help our customers be the most profitable and sustainable farmers in the world, John Deere challenges the status quo to deliver smart, highly autonomous and connected machines, like our X Series combines,” Caes said. “These smart machines can help farmers unlock opportunities to make better informed and more accurate decisions at scale, which in turn supports the greater goal of feeding a growing world population.”

CES 2021 was an all-digital, virtual format and allowed the tech community to safely share ideas and introduce products to help shape the future. CES 2021 showcased companies including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more. For more details about this year’s John Deere exhibit visit