John Deere Dealer Washington Tractor Releases Short Film “The Heart Of The Farm”


Source: Washington Tractor news release

Encouraging local farming values, Washington Tractor recently produced a heartwarming short film. This four-minute video explores the strong roots and family connections of farm life in a touching scene.

Produced by Washington Tractor, the goal is to share these values with the rest of the agricultural community. As a leader in selling and servicing agricultural equipment including John Deere, Washington Tractor strives to bring value back to the farm families of the Pacific Northwest.

“The most rewarding and fulfilling parts of our business are the relationships and friendships we form with our customers and their families”, said Jim Hale, CEO, Washington Tractor Inc.

“The Heart of the Farm”
In “The Heart of the Farm,” viewers experience a story typical of farm life. It is the common tale of life while growing up and working on a farm. Like most farm families the video follows a farmer’s kid who leaves only to come back to the farm-but with a twist. Washington Tractor led the production of “The Heart of the Farm” to promote those strong family values that Pacific Northwestern farmers share.

“I went away as a young man to the Marines, and it wasn’t until I was far away from the family farm that I realized how much I loved and cherished it. Everywhere I went I thought of the freedom and heritage of the farm. Most farm kids I would run into, from the US or even from other countries, held the same sentiment. That was the inspiration for this piece, but we decided to throw in a twist”, said Tyler Musson, Marketing Director.

The video is available online at Washington Tractor and on the Washington Tractor YouTube channel.