John Deere Releases Updates To Its MY22 S Series Combine, Celebrates 75 Years In The Business


ohn Deere has made several key updates for model year 2022 S Series Combines, while celebrating 75 years of manufacturing and selling self-propelled combines. To recognize the historic milestone, a 75th anniversary decal will be applied to each new combine leaving the factory.

For MY22 several new factory-installed options are available to order for the S Series. These options include:

• Automation Activation 4.0 with Generation 4 Machine Sync and AutoPath.

• New LED lighting packages – the same lights offered on the larger X Series Combines.

• Factory-installed, flat-tooth comb chaffer (formerly high-performance chaffer) – available for S and X Series.

• Three new reside management offerings:

– Extra-fine cut chopper for S780 and S790 Combines.
– Advanced PowerCast tailboard with deluxe residue management for soybeans.
– Premium residue management that includes the tough crop kit.

• Remote grease line for the combine’s final drives.

• The Kondex Max thresh/small wire/large wire configurations.

“John Deere S Series Combines are a great harvesting solution for producers who grow corn, small grains, and pulses across North America. These new options can help farmers push the envelope of high-capacity harvesting while improving grain quality,” said Ray Gherardini, marketing manager for John Deere.

AutoPath uses guidance lines from previous passes, such as planting, to automatically set hands-free navigation in the field and eliminates guess rows at harvest, regardless of equipment width.

A new LED lighting package offers additional forward-facing lights to brighten areas in front of and behind the combine and illuminate the grain tank, row finder, engine and service access areas, and the unloading auger.

The optional factory-installed flat-tooth comb chaffer can make the combine easier to set in canola and lower tailings in weedy harvesting conditions.

For customers who need to chop tough straw into fine pieces or possibly eliminate a harrow pass in the field, a new extra-fine cut chopper is available for select models of S Series Combines.

Customers can now add an optional grease line for final drive zerks to make servicing them more convenient. This simple system can help ensure regular maintenance is completed and uptime is maximized.

For small grains growers who need to harvest pulses in their crop rotations, John Deere now offers the robust Kondex all-crop concave configuration. The Kondex concave is ideal for high-speed harvesting as it maximizes material-on-material threshing to keep the rotor full while moving through the field.

Also new in MY22 are updates to the John Deere front-end equipment offerings. These updates include:
• A new flexible cutterbar on Hinged Drapers (HDF).

• The release of the eight-row Folding Corn Head (C8F).

• Wing leveling on Hinged Drapers.

• Integrated transport on Hinged Drapers.

HDF Drapers are available in 35- to 50-foot working widths and feature the same wing range of the rigid-cutterbar drapers (HDR), but with the addition of a flexible cutterbar to closely follow the ground. “The HDF is the ultimate solution for on-ground cutting of crops,” Gherardini said.

The narrow profile of the new C8F 8-row Folding Corn Head improves transport logistics.

Wing leveling on Hinged Drapers allows the user to set a “home” position for the draper. When set, the draper returns to that position when lifting on headlands and improves harvesting efficiency. The header can be set to lift to in a smile shape or a flat/neutral position. Wing leveling helps the draper clear debris or obstacles that may be encountered during harvest.

Integrated transport is a new feature of John Deere Hinged Drapers that improves harvest logistics for customers and ensures the draper is always close to the combine when transporting between fields. Integrated transport enables the header gauge wheels to convert into “transport mode” so it can be easily pulled from field to field.