John Deere To Close Its Remanufacturing Plant In Canada


John Deere is consolidating all of its remanufacturing facilities in one American location, which will shut down a Canadian plant and eliminate 180 jobs.

The John Deere Reman Edmonton facility in Nisku, Alta., is one of four remanufacturing sites the company runs. The other three are in Springfield, Mo.

“The decision to close John Deere Reman Edmonton is not a reflection on the employees, manufacturing capabilities or quality of products,” public relations manager Dan Bernick said.

“Various alternatives were studied, but none would enable John Deere Reman Edmonton to meet and sustain its required financial performance goals long term.”

The company said the plant will close by Oct. 31.

“By consolidating the remanufacturing footprint in Springfield, we improve the financial viability of the drivetrain and hydraulic operations and prepare for future growth,” Bernick said.