John Deere To Offer Goodyear LSW Super Singles On 8R Series Tractors


Titan International, Inc., manufacturer of Titan Tires, Titan Wheels and Goodyear Farm Tires, is proud to announce that John Deere’s three largest 8R-Series MFWD tractors – the 8R 340, 8R 370, and 8R 410 – can now be ordered with Goodyear Super Single Low Sidewall (LSW) Technology tires for model year 2021 when equipped with Independent Link Suspension.

The combination of Goodyear Optitrac LSW1000/40R32 fronts and LSW1100/45R46 rears offers years of proven performance in the aftermarket, demonstrating significant traction, flotation and ride quality benefits over a traditional row crop dual setup – all at a comparable price to duals.

“This flotation LSW setup has been incredibly popular for years in the aftermarket with growers running John Deere MFWD tractors – and we’re happy that the demand from growers and years of extensive field testing have led to John Deere making this in-demand setup available direct from the factory,” said Scott Sloan, agricultural product manager for Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires. “More than half of growers rarely need to run their tractors between the rows post-emergence, and for them – this LSW Super Single setup should be the clear choice to help reduce soil compaction, increase yield and improve performance in any field conditions.”

Duals Versus Super Singles
A common traditional row crop setup on John Deere MFWD tractors would be 380/80R38 dual fronts and 480/80R50 dual rears – resulting in a total contact area 2,368 inches.

By switching to the newly available Goodyear LSW Super Single setup, the result is a total contact area of 3,644 inches.

Results of the Switch
• 53 percent improvement in total contact area – providing superior flotation thanks to the weight of the tractor being spread over a larger footprint.
• 6-inch reduction in overall roading width – allowing for easier transport and improved turn radius.

Growers Agree
Years of proven aftermarket performance in a range of applications show the benefits of switching to a Super Single LSW setup on John Deere MFWD tractors. A few examples include:

• Wisconsin Dragline Manure Operation Gains Traction with LSW on John Deere 8285R
• Mississippi Grower Gets in the Field Faster with LSW on John Deere 8285R
• California Vegetable Grower Switches from Tracks to Tires on John Deere 8360R

New 10-Year Warranty
All radial Goodyear Farm Tires – including the Super Single LSW tires available from John Deere – now come with the industry’s leading warranty, which includes:

• 10-year coverage for tire workmanship and material with prorated refund based on years in service and percentage wear
• 2-year, no-cost replacement as part of the workmanship and materials coverage when the tire is less than 25 percent worn (mounting and service included)
• New 2-year field hazard protection plan
• 3-year stubble damage protection plan
• Certain exclusions apply.