Koch Agronomic Services Seeks To Grow Product Portfolio Through Collaboration With SVG Ventures|THRIVE


In a continued effort to grow as the crop nutrient enhancement leader, Koch Agronomic Services, LLC (Koch) is excited to announce an agreement to collaborate with SVG Ventures|THRIVE, leveraging its Venture & Innovation Platform. This relationship aligns with Koch’s focused efforts to expand its portfolio for growers around the globe to improve nutrient efficiency, utilization and uptake.

“Koch is excited to work with THRIVE and access its expansive pipeline of innovative organizations and technologies,” said Steve Coulter, senior vice president of Koch “THRIVE offers a capability and reach within the crop nutrient space that will help accelerate our strategy of identifying new technologies in order to create long-term value for our retail customers and growers.”

Innovative technologies are coming into the plant nutrient space at an extremely rapid pace, and this agreement will allow Koch to identify solutions that match its strategy to strengthen its portfolio in an efficient and targeted process. The agreement will allow Koch to leverage THRIVE’s expanded corporate innovation platform capabilities to apply industry-focused, venture capital deal flow, processes and analysis to navigate the flood of novel crop nutrition solutions emerging globally.

“Our engagement with Koch Agronomic Services focuses on identifying start-ups that are ready for scale and commercial impact,” said John Hartnett, founder and CEO, SVG Ventures|THRIVE. “By connecting Koch to start-ups, we can identify companies that align with Koch’s goals and increase investment flow.”

Working together with THRIVE, Koch will be better positioned to explore and identify organizations and solutions that are ready to scale or go to market at a pace required in the crop nutrient industry.

“Now more than ever, Koch is focused on growth in plant nutrition categories,” said Coulter. “For us, this means finding new collaborators who have developed technologies and are exploring the best structures to bring those technologies into our portfolio either through licensing, equity investment, full acquisition or other arrangements. The great thing about Koch is we can be flexible.”

To learn more about the solutions offered by Koch or to find a Koch representative visit KochAgronomicServices.com.