Koch Earns EPA ENERGY STAR partner Of The Year Award – Read How


For us, creating value goes far beyond economic performance. It means always striving to do the right thing, in the right way. Koch companies have spent years and invested billions to improve the efficiency of our operations, use fewer resources and be a good partner in the communities where we live and operate.

Across Koch, stewardship means constantly innovating: To make better products using fewer resources. To keep people safe and protect the environment. To minimize waste and reduce energy intensity. To manage supply chains responsibly. To create better pollution prevention technology for our businesses and for others. And the United States Environmental Protection Agency has taken notice.

In today’s email, learn how Koch is fulfilling its long-term commitment to purposeful stewardship by earning its second ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award from the U.S. EPA, as well as ENERGY STAR certification for five facilities in disparate industries in one year.

Stewardship Fast Facts
91% waste recycled, recovered or treated (2019)
53% reduction in production-related waste (2012-2019)
80% decrease in sulfur dioxide emissions (2008-2019)
55% decrease in total criteria air emissions (2008-2019)
1,500 energy efficiency projects tracked since 2011
$1.5 billion invested in energy efficiency projects since 2015
312,900 acres of land certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council

Energy Star Certified Facility

A Top EPA Partner, Twice Over
For the second time since 2017, Koch Industries has earned the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award, in recognition of the company’s contributions to protecting the environment through energy efficiency. The award is the highest honor bestowed by the EPA.

With more than 300 operations and production units across the U.S., Koch companies produce the everyday essentials millions of Americans rely on – and that takes energy. Working in partnership with the ENERGY STAR program, Koch companies have improved their energy efficiency, demonstrated knowledge in advanced energy management and received plant certifications in the top 25% of energy efficiency for facilities spanning the refining, fertilizer and pulp industries.

Spotlight: Five Koch Facilities Earn Certification
A focus on efficiency is nothing new for Koch. It has long been a priority, resulting in significant benefits such as emissions reduction and energy savings. Five facilities achieved performance in the top 25% of their peers last year. Their accomplishments include:

• Flint Hills Resources’ Pine Bend refinery improved its energy efficiency by 10%. It is one of the most efficient refineries in America.

• Georgia-Pacific’s Leaf River cellulose mill in New Augusta, Mississippi, was the first U.S. pulp mill to earn ENERGY STAR certification. The facility deployed technology that can generate all its energy needs using biofuel-produced steam.

• Guardian Industries’ Dewitt, Iowa, glass plant optimized furnace efficiency using variable frequency drives. It also upgraded energy-efficient lighting across the 75,000-square-foot facility.

• Koch Fertilizer’s facilities in Beatrice, Nebraska, and Enid, Oklahoma, are two of the most energy-efficient fertilizer plants in America. Beatrice was one of the first two fertilizer plants in the U.S. to achieve this status. Enid is one of the largest fertilizer plants in North America.