Krone Introduces Three New Generation 5 BIG Pack Large Square Baler Models


Krone North America introduces three new Generation 5 BiG Pack Large Square Baler models that offer greater reliability and baling capacity while building more uniform, dense bales.

Custom hay operators and large hay producers who want state-of-the-art baling technology and the highest quality components for added reliability should take a good look at the new Generation 5 Krone BiG Pack Large Square Balers. This new generation of large square balers from Krone come with several new features and benefits.

Improved Variable Fill System (VFS) makes for easier adjustments and maintenance, while delivering increased reliability.

• New, longer-lasting cam track.
• Operators will save time thanks to simplified adjustments for bale shape and density.
• These new balers are designed with more identical parts, that means simpler repairs.
• Improved, continuous lubrication.
• The VFS ensures that every flake is completely full before being moved into the main baling chamber, resulting in more consistent bale shape and density.
• Updated VFS is a simple, more dependable system.

New Bale Chamber design builds more uniform, higher density bales.

• New plunger helps build a better-shaped bale while reducing wear.
• A longer bale channel creates higher bale densities.
• Proven hydraulic cylinders provide pressure to the top and sides of the bale chamber, resulting in higher density bales.

New, Belt-driven Cutter System delivers higher output.

• Operators can quickly remove blockages from the tractor cab.
• Select from variable blade choices and settings.
• Changing blades is quick and easy.
• Low maintenance compared to other balers.

These new Generation 5 Balers are equipped with many proven, Krone-exclusive features, including:

Krone chainless drive system, which consists of rugged drivelines and gearboxes instead of chains.

• No chain drives mean low machine wear, no chain timing issues.
• Krone balers run quieter.
• The main components are protected by clutches instead of shear pins.

The Large Flywheel reduces peak loads so these balers run quieter and smoother, and require less horsepower.

EasyFlow Camless Pickup generates a 30% higher pickup speed for higher throughputs.

“Large hay producers and customer operators are very demanding when it comes to their balers, and rightfully so,” says Ryan Hatfield, product manager for Krone North America. “We’ve had several operators run these new Generation 5 BiG Pack balers this past year, and they are very pleased. The new Variable Fill System is designed to deliver superior reliability, while the improved bale chamber creates more uniform higher-density bales. That’s what customers need.”