KUHN Introduces mm 890 Merge Maxx Hay Merger


With 30′ of pickup in a single pass, the KUHN MM 890 Merge Maxx hay merger is the newest addition to the growing KUHN hay merger lineup. It is unique in the industry and unmatched in its simplicity of operation, durability and merging capabilities. Designed for commercial operations, the MM 890 is the largest twin merger in the industry and has the ability to merge to the left, right, or 50/50 split creating even windrows for forage harvester efficiency.

The electronics on the MM 890 help operators maximize their time in the field. The KUHN IntelliMerge ISOBUS control system is an industry exclusive, and standard on the MM 890, helping to improve operator ergonomics and operational efficiency. The KUHN OptiSense belt stall indicator alerts the operator when the belts on the merger start to slow down. This gives the operator a chance to react before the machine plugs, keeping the merger moving across the field for improved productivity.

The floating windguard ensures smooth and even windrows to make the forage harvester more efficient, while the crop netting improves leaf retention in the windrow improving forage quality. Simple and durable mechanical flotation on each head eliminates the need to engage float via the tractor’s hydraulics.