KUHN Introduces New 4835 In-Line-Ripper Models


Kuhn North America, Inc. is pleased to introduce the completed range of 4835 in-line rippers which now includes all models from 430R – 1130F and completely replaces the 4830 range.

A new parabolic shank is now available as an option for all 4835 models. This shank provides more surface disturbance than a MRD shank and will be useful for customers looking to incorporate significant quantities of residue. This new shank is also available with coverboards to promote even more residue incorporation. When coverboards are not fitted, a wear bar is mounted to the face of the shank to provide additional wear life.

A newly developed Minimum Residue Disturbance (MRD) shank is also available for the 4835. This shank is positioned between the no-till and parabolic shank options in terms of residue incorporation and soil disturbance. The new MRD shank utilizes the same wear bar as the no-till shank and the same 7″ wing points as the parabolic shank, reducing the number of overall components across the offering for simplified inventory management.

No-till shanks are available for customers requiring the minimum of surface disturbance and residue incorporation. In addition to the 3/4″ standard duty shank, a 1″ version is also offered for customers working in particularly hard conditions.

The 4835 features a newly designed 6″ x 6″ frame reinforced for additional strength. Gauge wheel adjustment has also been improved so that it is accessible from the rear of the machine without having to reach over the frame. All models feature a 3-point hitch, with 5 shanks and greater models also offering an optional pull hitch with rear lift wheels. Where a pull hitch is fitted, the machine is equipped with single front stabilizer wheels for 530R – 830F models and dual front stabilizer wheels for 930F – 1130F models as standard equipment.