KUHN Knight Launches Profeed PF 100 Series Delivery Boxes


The new KUHN Knight ProFeed PF 100 Series delivery boxes are an efficient option for many large and extra-large farms, feedlots and ranches to feed more cows per load. With a robust and durable design, the ProFeed 100 Series delivery boxes are reliable in every feeding application.

The PF 100 Series includes two models: the PF 1130 & PF 1145, both available with 5.5″ and 17.75″ extensions, resulting in capacities ranging from 1,000 ft3 to 1,450 ft3, each with a 50,000-pound maximum net load rating.

The twin-auger design guarantees a fast, thorough cleanout every time. The choice of standard or grain augers provides you with the ability to tailor your machine to match your feeding application. High-quality drive components and controls provide faster discharge and greater one-pass feeding capabilities.

PF 100 Series delivery boxes come standard with a 4-auger discharge that provides excellent unloading of a wide variety of feedlot and dairy rations on larger farms and feedlots. There are three lengths, with or without tipoff, available to meet the needs of any operation.


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