KUHN Launches Its Next Generation Of Mower Conditioners


The next generation of KUHN FC TC and TL mower conditioners is here! The KUHN FC 61 TC and TL Series mower conditioners offer fast, clean mowing of heavy grasses and delicate forage crops alike, combined with effective conditioning. From narrow windrows to wide swaths, these models continue to provide operators with the broadest choice of windrowing options to best match different harvesting practices and field conditions.

The new Optidisc Elite cutterbar provides a flat, streamlined profile so soil and crop residue do not accumulate, and material flows smoothly, even in difficult crop conditions. Optidisc Elite cutterbars have a very slim profile enabling short cut heights with a flat cutterbar angle to reduce the amount of dirt contamination in the crop and prolong blade life.

KUHN FC 61 TC and TL Series mower conditioners allow operators to select between three different conditioning options to best meet their operation’s needs. The DigiDry finger conditioner provides consistent drying of grass and legume crops in various conditions with little maintenance. The Diamond Block rubber rollers have a horizontal staggered diamond pattern so there are more points for the crop to be crimped as it flows off the disc at different angles. The DoubleCrimp steel roller offers consistent crimping and even feeding of thicker crops and extended life in difficult and abrasive conditions.

The heavy-duty Gyrodine ā€Ægearbox on KUHN FC 61 Series mower conditioners is designed to withstand the most severe pull-through force from the hitch to the machine. The swivel design allows in excess of a 90° turn while keeping the PTO driveline straight. This design also allows extremely tight turns for clean, square corners while minimizing PTO vibration and wear.

Kuhn North America, Inc., of Brodhead, Wisconsin, is a leading innovator in agricultural and industrial equipment. KUHN offers a broad range of hay and forage, livestock, and crop production tools, as well as landscape and road maintenance equipment. KUHN, KUHN Knight and KUHN Krause products are sold by farm equipment dealers throughout the United States, Canada and many other countries.ā€Æ