KUHN Releases VB 7100 Series Round Balers


Kuhn North America, Inc. is very excited to introduce the new KUHN VB 7100 Series round balers. The KUHN VB 7160 4×5 and VB 7190 4×6 round balers set a new standard in round baling. These balers offer you high performance, producing dense bales and giving a high capacity in all crop conditions. The heavy-duty design guarantees maximum lifetime with minimum downtime. Where others stop, the KUHN VB 7100 Series starts.

Produce high-density bales with densities of up to 8.8 lbs/ft3 (140 kg/m3) in straw thanks to the new KUHN patented i-DENSE system. This intelligent twin tensioning arm system, in combination with the measurements of the moisture sensor, automatically adapts the baling pressure according to the different crops and crop conditions, without intervention from the driver. This results in the most economical use of your baler without compromising on performance.

Silage or straw, the VB 7100 Series balers offer you high capacity. The unique mix of the i-DENSE system and the proven 4 belt + 3 roller design of the bale chamber ensures fast, secure and consistent bale formation in any crop condition, even in silage. The net wrap, with active stretch technology, guarantees a consistent net tension and sturdy bale shape. On top of that, the VB 7100 balers feature the fastest tailgate operation in the market – within 4 seconds the bale is ejected and the tailgate is closed again.

Extreme durability of components means minimum downtime for maximum baling time. Thanks to its heavy-duty design, the balers provide you the robustness and reliability you need. KUHN VB 7100 Series balers are ISOBUS compatible with an intuitive user interface, easy to control via the ISOBUS terminal of the tractor or via KUHN’s CCI 50, CCI 800 or CCI 1200 terminals. You can easily change settings such as bale density or net wrap layers from the comfort of your tractor seat.