Kynetec Releases Service Reporting Regenerative Ag Practices In Use


RegenTrak online dashboards are an extensive source of farmer-driven data on regenerative practices – suitable for use by teams involved in sustainability, marketing, and regenerative agriculture initiatives.

RegenTrak’s powerful, interactive dashboards detail:

•Regenerative agriculture: cover cropping, fertilizer use, tillage methods and irrigation

•Cover cropping: in-depth farmer data on cover crops, crop protection and fertilizer use

•Carbon programs: enrollment size, impact on grower spend

Regenerative agriculture is entering a golden age with both succession farmers and new entrants embracing a more circular approach to land management, utilizing the best of conventional practices to achieve yield as well as reverting to more traditional methods where herbicide and fungicide resistance, soil health and biodiversity can be improved.

But how can brands measure the impact and opportunity of this shift? Kynetec’s RegenTrak online dashboards take data based on FarmTrak panels, all sharing in-depth detail on their regenerative practices, presenting content to subscribers in visually appealing, easy-to-use, online dashboards.

Jordan Le Roux, Senior Director of Sustainability at Kynetec shares, “RegenTrak provides farmer-driven insights on regenerative agricultural practices, at this transitional time in agriculture.”

Jordan explains “To add further value to RegenTrak, the dashboards also provide subscribers with a RegenScore index, a unique and at-a-glance score of local regenerative performance.”

Initial market coverage for RegenTrak includes:








RegenTrak allows subscribers to:

•Monitor regenerative agriculture practice adoption trends

•Identify target customer profiles

•Identify where to target carbon programs

•Plan cover crop product strategy

•Identify drivers of sustainable program adoption

•Access RegenScore to understand local regenerative performance

•Understand regenerative agriculture impact on product usage

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