LG Seeds’: Mix Matters Approach Earns First Place In National Corn Yield Contest


The Mix Matters approach was developed to bring higher ROI to farmers by ensuring that every hybrid was planted on the field where it is most likely to perform at its peak potential. Ben Kron’s winning performance with LG62C35VT2RIB is a prime example of this concept and the fact that, when properly managed and matched with the right hybrid, even the toughest ground can perform.

Kron is a first place national winner in the National Corn Yield Contest, conducted by the National Corn Growers Association, in the Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Irrigated category. He won this category with LG62C35VT2RIB, a Mix Maker product that boasts yield, with an agronomic edge – and that agronomic edge is what pushed Kron into first place in the National Corn Yield Contest.

Mix Maker products, such as LG62C35VT2RIB, are specifically selected for their differentiated genetics and unique agronomic characteristics. While they can be planted in many environments, where they truly show their potential is on fields that require attentive management, such as the alternative tillage practices and irrigation Kron used. By creating a plan for this field with his LG Seeds team, Kron was able to position LG62C35VT2RIB for success, and its agronomic edge allowed him to max out ROI and produce winning yields.

LG62C35VT2RIB brings extraordinarily healthy plants and a standout season-long great look. It offers notable early vigor and stalk strength, as well as being a first choice for maximum yield and stable performance over a wide range of environments.

The Mix Matters approach puts LG Seeds’ research, innovation and hybrid expertise to work for farmers, so they can make the most of their entire farm. By using the Mix Matters Tool for simplified product placement, farmers can identify the hybrids that will perform on each individual field, not just the best ground.

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