Majority of Saskatchewan Crops Rated Poor to Good


Farmscape for July 19, 2019

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Saskatchewan Agriculture reports a cooler than normal growing season and inconsistent rainfall have resulted in considerable variability in crops across the province. Saskatchewan Agriculture released its weekly crop report yesterday. Cory Jacob, a Crop Development Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, says crop development and condition across the province remain highly variable with the majority of crops reported to be ranging from poor to good.

Clip-Cory Jacob-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
We have had a bit of a cooler growing season so that’s definitely been influencing growth and maybe why we’re not seeing crops advancing as normally but I think we’re not doing too bad. We’re hoping for some hot weather coming here and maybe with some moisture on the horizon as well it should get crops coming up and growing along. We are doing not too bad for moisture conditions in the province. Provincially topsoil moisture on the cropland is rated as two percent surplus, 84 percent adequate, 13 percent short and one percent very short. So the crop development is quite variable across the province. We’re hearing reports from producers that some crops are normal, some are a little bit behind by maybe a week or two. Across the province 63 percent of the fall cereals and spring cereals along with 53 percent of the oilseeds and 73 percent of the pulse crops are at the normal stages of development and then crop conditions are kind of variable as well. Poor to good across the  province is what the majority are with a little bit shifting more toward fair to good and the odd excellent crop as well but it’s highly variable across the province with the crop conditions and the development.

Jacob says this past week saw some wild weather across the province with localized flooding that has caused crop damage, strong winds that caused lodging of some crops and damage to buildings as well as losses due to hail and, in some areas, losses due to a lack of rain.

For Farmscape.Ca, I’m Bruce Cochrane.

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