Agriculture Marketing tips to remember during COVID-19, By Jim Eadie


As the Agriculture community copes with event cancellations, office closures and travel restrictions our media group has come up with a few tips to help us keep the course and continue with some sense of normal for us to come out the other side stronger than before.

What is the new normal? Be cautious but don’t go silent.

The choices we make today have a path that continues on and on forever. The world continuously evolves and we need to, as best as we can. Put yourself in your customers shoes (how would you like to be approached during this time). Also, remember every business has a product to help people (focus on that and new strategies to continue to be top of mind for your customers).

Marketing and Advertising- Don’t go completely silent

Trade shows and meetings are not happening currently, so utilize creative ways to communicate with customers through digital media with placements. Email blasts and digital messages (videos, pages, content and ads) which are key in these times. Protect your brand by using these tools, keep positive and push forward. Help your sales team find new ways to communicate with customers. Facilitate webinars, email marketing tactics, Facebook Live and other tools to help connect with your team.

Continue to Communicate even with Social Distancing

Maintain being connected in a tense environment while being aware of company culture. Working remote may make employees feel anxious or disconnected. Keep tabs on every individual and provide support and encouragement as needed.

Revisit your crisis plan and “back to normal” plan

Review all procedures and guidelines through your crisis communication plan, or use this as a chance to build one. Watch all of the website and news headlines and prep for your plans moving forward and your back to normal plan. Use your time for growth and development.

Business SenseOpportunity and Positivity

Use this as a chance to look at ways to turn this into a positive. Do you have extra time at work to implement new ideas and do you see opportunities?  How can you create more effective business channels currently and when COVID-19 has passed.  Can you create a company newsletter, develop a new tactic, work on a communications strategy or cutting-edge plan to roll out?

Giving back and helping

Look at ways on how you can help or make a difference. Whether it is through emotional support for family or a co-worker, helping someone with supplies, groceries, or anything in general. Create a checklist of anything positive you can contribute to society during this time.

Stay safe

Use this time off as a chance to rest, heal, spend time with family and actually enhance your work ability. Evolve as you think and grow, and build better platforms for your business.  Mental and Physical Health are just as important at this time for safety.

Stay consistent, do not make drastic changes. Focus on positivity, contingency, and slow building blocks.

(Jim Eadie oversees,,,, and and has been involved in digital media in Agriculture for over 15 years. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking in all areas of Canada and the USA as well as spending time with family.)