Meristem And Wisconsin’s MaxxYield Ag, Announce Distribution Agreement


Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC ( and Jarred Huber of MaxxYield Ag, LLC today announced a new dealership agreement to serve farmers in Wisconsin. Under the new relationship, MaxxYield Ag will carry the Meristem Crop Performance product line and become Meristem’s ally in helping farmers make the most of every dollar they spend on crop inputs.

“Jarred Huber and his team are bringing quality seed solutions and agronomics to farmers in Southcentral Wisconsin,” said Mitch Eviston, Meristem Founder and CEO, in announcing the agreement. “They are as intent on seeing farm businesses succeed as we are. We’re excited to be able to come alongside him as he serves his customers and also learn from agronomic know-how and field experience as we add new products.”

Huber, who founded MaxxYield in 2016, says Meristem’s service attitude and products make for a good fit with his business. “We work with growers on a field-by-field basis,” he says. “We focus on matching the latest in genetics to individual fields and the farmers producing those crops. It’s clear to me that Meristem’s product portfolio will help us help our customers make the most of every seed they plant and that’s why we’re teaming up.” MaxxYield Ag, a Pioneer Seed dealer, currently focuses on serving farmers in the Wisconsin counties of Vernon, Monroe, LaCrosse, and Crawford.

Huber says he’s already seen results from Meristem products. “I have used AquaDraft Extreme and feel the Meristem adjuvant line will be a great fit into my offerings,” he says. Huber and his team will now offer Meristem’s full product portfolio, including HOPPER THROTTLE planter box treatments, REVLINE plant growth regulators, TRUTRACK drift control, AQUADRAFT water conditioners and surfactants, and HOMESTRETCH nitrogen stabilizers, micronutrients, and foliar nutritionals. Of special interest is a line of biologicals Meristem is bringing to market, including EXCAVATO powered by MICROBILIZE, a new biological designed to break down tough crop residue.

Huber grew up on a dairy farm near Melrose, Wisc. and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He worked more than a decade as a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) and solutions specialist for cooperatives as well as a John Deere dealership. He and his wife Laci have two sons, Brandt and Rhett, and live near Viroqua, Wisc. on their own small grain farm.

Eviston said Huber’s love for family and ‘farmer-first” mentality is what makes MaxxYield Ag and Meristem a good match for better serving Wisconsin farmers.

“Providing more opportunities for farm businesses like Huber’s is a key part of our mission,” says Eviston. “We’ve set up Meristem to cut waste from the distribution channel while providing high-quality crop input additives to help American farmers reduce costs and increase yield, so they are more competitive in a global market. Now, with the help of Jarred Huber and his team, we’ll be able to connect with more of the farmers who can benefit.”

About Meristem Crop Performance

Meristem Crop Performance Group, LLC ( is one of the fastest-growing crop input companies in America. Meristem sources, formulates, licenses, and delivers high- quality crop inputs to farmers at the highest possible value, at substantial savings. Meristem is focused on building a highly efficient channel to bring crop inputs to market so farm businesses can make the most of their infrastructure and intellectual property investments and better compete in the global agricultural market. Meristem’s team of experienced ag professionals also works to create real productivity gains for farm businesses through novel biological delivery systems and accelerated access to farm-ready innovations.

About MaxxYield Ag, LLC

MaxxYield Ag, LLC ( serves Wisconsin farmers with Pioneer Seed, agronomic consulting services and advanced precision agriculture field mapping and analysis. Special attention is devoted to understanding underlying agronomic issues on a field-by-field and farm-by-farm basis to best match the latest in plant genetics and production practices to local needs.