Modified fertilizer tower for smaller co-ops


For ag co-ops keeping an eye on the bottom line, GSI InterSystems offers a modified version of its high-speed, high-capacity fertilizer blend tower that saves about half the cost without compromising blend quality performance.

Nate Reznechek, InterSystems fertilizer sales director, said the lower-cost, simple-to-operate configuration is gaining popularity, especially among smaller co-ops. “Most co-ops realize the value of blend towers, but like many other sectors of the ag industry, they are very cost-conscious in the current economic environment,” he said. “Our modified tower provides a very cost-effective way to upgrade their operation and be more productive by replacing an older tower or floor-based blending system.”

The economical configuration can also be installed in new facilities and includes stairs as an option. It provides 100 to 250 tons of overhead fertilizer storage and blending speeds starting at 200 tons per hour, compatible with either one or two blenders.  Reznechek said in comparison, the high-output InterSystems tower – which is well-suited for higher volume locations that can supply multiple satellite locations and higher numbers of customers – provides up to 300 tons of overhead storage and blending speeds in excess of 300 tons per hour.

Reznechek said compared to floor-based blending systems now used in many smaller operations, the modified tower takes up less space, requires less maintenance, provides better blend quality and has twice the life span, improving the ROI over the life of the equipment.

Both InterSystems tower configurations utilize stainless steel and a galvanized structure in lieu of painted steel that quickly shows rust and requires costly maintenance.

For additional information, contact Nate Reznechek at 320-905-5573 or visit