More Bad News For Fertilizer Prices, Lithuania Stops Export Of Potash From Belarus

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Belarus has diverted potash shipments from Lithuania’s Klaipeda port to Russian ports after Vilnius decided to halt the use of its railway for Belarus exports of the commodity, Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said on Tuesday.

Lithuania stopped railway transit of Belarusian potash from Feb. 1. It said Minsk, which is under U.S. and European sanctions, could not use Lithuania to export the crop nutrient, which is key foreign currency earner for Belarus. read more

“Due to the longer delivery distance through Russia, our producers have lost a little in margins, but this will be compensated by higher global prices,” Golovchenko said in a video published by the government.

He did not name the Russian ports.

Belarus used to export about 12.5 million tonnes of potash a year from the Baltic Sea port of Klaipeda.

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