Nation’s Largest Farm/Ranchland Broker Announces Record Sales


Farmers National Company and its agents marketed and sold a record amount of land during the company’s fiscal year ending September 30th. Agents and staff handled over three quarters of a billion dollars of real estate sales the past twelve months topping the previous record in 2013.

Activity was brisk for Farmers National Company all year long with the number of sales up 10% over the past three years nearing a previous record number of transactions.

Higher land prices and increased buying demand propelled a few more sellers into the land market. This was especially true across much of the grain belt as recent inheritors, trusts, and family groups decided to sell the farm or ranch and capture the stronger prices.

Sales activity picked up as the year went along in most all areas with average quality farmland and pasture land picking up interest too. This is evidenced by the 55% increase in the total acres sold by Farmers National Company in fiscal year 2021.

Even with the strong demand to buy good farmland over the past year, it still takes local knowledge of the land market and a comprehensive marketing strategy to obtain the best sales price for a tract of land. Farmers National Company has been successful bringing together the best local knowledge of the land market with a widespread and effective marketing program that brings in all interested buyers to foster the competitive bidding for a property.

Increased sales activity this year for Farmers National Company was also created by an agent’s ability to offer and recommend various types of competitive bidding including a full complement of online and live auctions. Being able to offer live auctions, simulcast live and online auctions, and written bid sales in addition to private treaty listings has given Farmers National Company real estate agents the tools to best handle sales for many more landowners.