NCGA: Banning White Corn A Non-Starter In Negotiations In Mexico Trade Agreement


This week, Secretary Tom Vilsack traveled to Mexico City to meet with Mexican Pres. Andrés Manuel López Obrador to discuss Mexico’s promise to block biotech corn imports beginning in 2024. During the meeting, Vilsack spoke of the importance of finding an acceptable resolution on the matter.

Pres. López Obrador indicated this week that there might be room for compromise, suggesting the country could allow imports of yellow corn, used for livestock, while blocking white corn, which is imported mainly for human consumption.

The idea that white corn is for food and yellow corn is for feed overlooks the fact that yellow corn is also food grade and a nutritious ingredient in hundreds of products consumers enjoy. From bakery products to chewing gum, aspirin to antibiotics, condiments to corn bread, yellow corn also feeds the world.

In response to these developments, Tom Haag, President of the National Corn Growers Association released the following statement:

“Any decision to block biotech crops by Mexico would be illegal under the U.S.-Mexico Agreement,” said Haag. “Eliminating white corn will in no way resolve this conflict. We are highly appreciative of Secretary Vilsack for going to the mat on this issue for U.S. farmers.”