New Holland Launches Speedrower PLUS Series Self-Propelled Windrowers


New Holland Agriculture North America announces today the launch of its Speedrower PLUS Series windrowers. Redesigned from the ground up, the new Speedrower PLUS models provide more productivity, precision, and power than previous models to make New Holland customers more productive than ever.

“As its name suggests, New Holland has added more than simple model year upgrades to the new the Speedrower PLUS Series windrowers,” says Justin Raski, Hay & Forage Product Marketing Segment Lead for New Holland Agriculture North America.

“They are a complete redesign focused on delivering commercial productivity, performance, operator comfort, with new and modern styling. The Speedrower PLUS improvements go beyond the tractor as the Durabine PLUS series disc heads deliver clean cut results at higher in-field speeds. It’s simple – the Speedrower PLUS and Durabine PLUS models are New Holland’s most productive, powerful, precise, and stylish self-propelled windrowers and disc heads,” says Raski.

Productivity and precision go hand in hand with the new Speedrower PLUS Series Windrowers. A seamless precision integration in the operation begins with SensiDrive drive-by-wire ground drive system. Utilizing drive-by-wire technology, the ground drive pumps and wheel motors are precisely controlled to maintain a straight course with less manual steering. Operators can mow faster, longer and straighter with less fatigue resulting in more acres cut per day.

IntelliView IV display is the standard in the Speedrower PLUS models. The touch screen interface brings precision customization right to the operator with New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) programs. Headland management automation reduces operator fatigue by making repetitive headland turns effortless with a simple button. Productivity can remain high with ground speed, header, and merger lift control all in one place.

With the IntelliSteer auto guidance, farmers can cut more acres per hour with field speeds up to 20 mph. It is the ultimate guidance solution offering complete machine direction control with the push of a button. While using Intellisteer Auto Guidance, Speedrower PLUS models are 30 percent faster in the field than prior models. Farmers can also maximize capacity with the IntelliCruise with ground
speed automation and engine power-load management. IntelliCruise has two systems, Field Cruise- ECO Power Mode and Power Cruise Mode.

The power of the machine does not take a backseat to productivity and precision. SensiDrive also delivers a maximum wheel torque of 11,000 ft. lbs. for when farmers need it most, making an easy task of climbing steep grades or crossing ditches. And with a range of 150 to 250 horsepower, the Speedrower PLUS is capable of any job delivering greater field speeds and more header power.

Using ECO Power Mode, an industry exclusive feature, operators can maintain cutting performance by monitoring engine load and controlling engine speed. Engine speed is adjusted based on light, medium or heavy crop conditions while ground speed is held at a constant. Power Cruise Mode actively monitors engine load and disc speed. Assuring maximum capacity and productivity, the ground speed will adjust to keep a consistent load on the engine.

Productivity improvements do not stop with a faster and more precise windrowing tractor. The Durabine PLUS Series disc heads deliver a cleaner cut and improved swathing for faster crop dry down. Combining a Speedrower PLUS model with a Durabine PLUS disc head allows farmers to work at a higher speed with a better cut ensuring smooth crop flow in the operation.

The DuraMerger 419 PLUS merging attachment also delivers performance without compromise saving time, fuel, and harvesting labor. The long deck design combines up to three windrows improving forage harvesting efficiency for the greatest return on investment. The high-speed belt and robust, direct motor drive assembly gives the DuraMerger 419 PLUS the power to push through the heaviest crops.

The Speedrower PLUS Series is a part of the new generation of red and yellow equipment at New Holland. A new yellow paint scheme not only reflects New Holland’s heritage, but also provides greater visibility from an operational, service, and safety perspective. Despite the cosmetic change, one thing that hasn’t changed is New Holland’s leadership in hay and forage and our passion for innovation and making the farmer’s job easier, more efficient, and more profitable.

The Speedrower PLUS Windrower will be on display at the Farm Progress Show on August 31st in Decatur, Illinois.