New Holland To “Clean” Its Dealer Network Of Competing Equipment Brands


In an interview at this year’s Farm Progress show, New Holland Brand President Carlo Lambro said the company was looking at removing several other manufacturer brands from its dealer network in the future to “clean” the network as much as possible. This will be part of a larger plan to revitalize the North American New Holland network. He said that, as a first step, they are looking at removing OEMs with equipment that competes with New Holland’s own products.

“To try to clean as much as possible our network. We know that we have several other OEMs that are sold through our network. For sure, we will not eliminate all because some OEMs will resist, but we do believe that there are some OEMs where, today provide products that are existing [alongside] the New Holland line that are competitive [products], in terms of pricing, delivering and product features. This is going to be our first step.”

The second step in this plan will be moving the New Holland network into territories in which Lambro said the brand isn’t well covered, including Florida and Texas. Lambro also said that over the next 5 years, the company’s North American dealers should refocus on the New Holland brand. He said New Holland dealers need to decide if they trust the brand or not and make an effort to gain back ground in a customer base he said they’ve lost.

“And for me it’s just a question to — maybe I’m going to be too direct — but to decide if they want to be really on board to be true blue dealers, trusting the brand or not. If they trust the brand, I think that the brand can provide all the support, product, service, machinery, financing, whatever they need.

“So it’s not the brand that has to [be] built from scratch. It’s not the product we need to build from scratch. We really need to revamp and reenergize and probably we need really dealer[s] that are proud to represent our brand to be successful.”