Nichino America Inc. Selects Cohort Wholesale to Commercialize New Fungicide in Canada


Nichino America, Inc. and Cohort Wholesale have announced an agreement for Cohort Wholesale to distribute Gatten® Fungicide in Canada.

Gatten is a new fungicide with a unique mode of action for control of powdery mildew in cherries, cucurbits, and grapes. The active ingredient in Gatten, flutianil, inhibits the powdery mildew pathogen from absorbing nutrients from the host plant, making it impossible for the pathogen to grow and expand.  It inhibits formation of the secondary hyphae and limits the development and dispersion of viable spores, helping to break the disease life cycle. Additionally, the translaminar movement of Gatten on the leaf surface provides improved protection and control, especially in dense canopies.

Gatten has been submitted to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) with registration anticipated in time for the 2022 growing season. To support the introduction of Gatten in Canada, Cohort Wholesale established local research-scale efficacy demonstration trials in 2020 in key cherry and grape growing regions of the country.