Nutrient Recovery For Fertilizer Manufacturer Ostara Breaks Ground On New Plant In St. Louis


Representatives Gathered to Recognize the Construction of the 200,000-ton Crystal Green® Fertilizer Production Facility and the Positive Impact on the Region

Demand for the most efficient phosphate fertilizers on the market, Ostara’s Crystal Green®, continues to outpace supply for innovative and future-focused farmers. As a result, Ostara has broken ground at a new facility in St. Louis that will produce over 200,000 tons and provide product ahead of the 2024 growing season.

“Access to world-class manufacturing talent, as well as the river, railways, and interstate, in the heart of some of the most productive agricultural lands in the world makes St. Louis an ideal location for Ostara’s next phase as we realize our vision of global expansion,” said Kerry Cebul, chief executive officer at Ostara. “We are thrilled to add over 40 new jobs to the St. Louis region, to promote economic growth, and to continue our mission to help feed the world while protecting it.”

The ceremony was held on September 7 and was attended by notable state and local officials, as well as representatives from various partners that have helped bring the facility to life.

“As a farmer myself and Governor of the state of Missouri, I couldn’t be more excited that the future of phosphate fertilizer is going to be produced right here in St. Louis,” said Missouri Governor Mike Parson. “The agriculture industry constantly seeks new and innovative ways to support the goals of farmers and protect our natural resources. Ostara’s phosphate fertilizer provides a solution to farmers to deliver both. We’re proud Ostara has chosen Missouri for the home of its Crystal Green production facility.”

Phosphate is an essential nutrient for successful crop production and a finite resource. Simultaneously, most applied phosphate often becomes tied up in the soil or is subject to runoff and leaching into surface and groundwater resources. As a result, the agriculture industry has been seeking a solution to provide crops with the nutrition they need while minimizing the impact to critical water sources. With Crystal Greens’ unique solubility, crops have access to phosphate all season to maximize yield and farmers can reduce their overall fertilizer application while preserving the impact to the environment. Crystal Green is a win for agriculture and a win for the environment.

“This event marks another sign of the growth and continued momentum we are seeing in our region, particularly in the AgTech and advanced manufacturing sectors,” said Steve Johnson, chief business attraction officer, Greater St. Louis, Inc., and president, AllianceSTL. “Ostara’s Crystal Green production facility is the latest AgTech company ready to make a difference in how we develop a more efficient and sustainable food supply in St. Louis.”

The facility is projected to be completed in 2023 and will annually produce over 200,000 tons of Crystal Green fertilizers that will be distributed in North America.

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Ostara’s Crystal Green® fertilizers are the first high-efficiency phosphate fertilizers to release nutrients in response to plant demand. Crystal Green fertilizers are proven to increase yields, enhance soil health and significantly reduce phosphate tie-up, runoff and leaching, thereby improving food security while protecting local waterways. Additionally, the Company’s Pearl® technology recovers phosphorus and nitrogen from industrial and municipal water streams and transforms these nutrients into Crystal Green® Pearl fertilizer which also plays a key role in the agriculture and turf & ornamental sectors through a network of established retailers and distributors in North America and Europe. To learn more about Ostara’s revolutionary technologies and fertilizer portfolio, please visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.