OFA regional meetings adopt virtual format for 2020, By Louis Roesch, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture


By Louis Roesch, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Regional meetings offer Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) members an opportunity to engage in discussions on the key issues and priorities impacting Ontario’s agriculture and food industry. These meetings provide a chance to vote for local leadership and representation, network with local federation directors and fellow members, and support your local agricultural community.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic protocols, this year’s OFA regional meetings will have a new look and feel. OFA is conducting all regional meetings across the province in a virtual format. They are being scheduled for late summer and early fall. The virtual format is to ensure we protect the health and safety of our staff, directors and members. OFA intends to return to regular in-person regional meetings in 2021.

Hosting regional meetings in a virtual format will prepare members for OFA’s 2020 Annual General Meeting in November, which will also be hosted on a virtual platform. The virtual experience provides a new opportunity for local federations to encourage members to attend the regional meeting who may not have participated otherwise. It’s a chance to make new connections and attract new members to learn more about the federation. It’s an opportunity to engage with them and provide information on how OFA is supporting and advocating for farm businesses in your area.

Getting involved with local federations and regional meetings is an opportunity to contribute your voice and your time to the issues that matter most to Ontario farm businesses. These local discussions can create wider change by developing provincial-level solutions. With 51 county and regional federations across the province, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience providing grassroots input on policy and issues impacting Ontario’s farming and food sector. These federations consist of strong, local leadership that work tirelessly to make a difference at the local level and positively impact the business of farming and rural communities.

The event also includes elections of local leadership and representation, including delegates, alternates and Policy Advisory Council (PAC) members. These positions will be representing their respective counties at OFA’s virtual annual meeting on November 23, 2020 and throughout the year at PAC meetings.

As the leading advocate for Ontario farm families and rural communities, we encourage members to run for elected positions to get involved in OFA’s work at the provincial level, bringing their concerns, suggestions and leadership to provincial discussions.

Find the date and time of the regional meeting in your area and mark your calendars. Get involved to support your agricultural community and fellow farmers. For a full schedule of regional meetings, visit ofa.on.ca/regional-meetings.

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