On-Farm Trials Show That SOURCET By Sound Agriculture Can Increase Yield And Reduce Nitrogen Needs

SOURCE™ gives growers a tool to reduce nitrogen fertilizer application without impacting yield.

Sound Agriculture’s flagship product, SOURCE, provides a new option for growers looking to support positive environmental practices and maintain or boost yield. SOURCE has been shown to provide the equivalent of 25-50 lbs of nitrogen per acre for corn growers, helping to optimize nitrogen application while improving return on investment (ROI).

Nitrogen is the most essential nutrient for plant growth, yet overuse of nitrogen fertilizers can have significant environmental consequences. Up to 30-50% of applied nitrogen fertilizer is not used by the plant. Unused fertilizer can pollute waterways, degrade soil health, and contribute to climate change by releasing nitrous oxide (N2O) into the atmosphere, which has 300 times the heat-trapping effect of carbon dioxide.

In addition, nitrogen fertilizer is the most expensive nutrient input for growers, costing $50-75 per acre for the average U.S. corn farmer, up to 15% of overall operating costs.

SOURCE is a microbiome activator that unlocks both nitrogen and phosphorus to increase nutrient use efficiency. SOURCE stimulates the soil microbes that fix nitrogen and solubilize phosphorus, making optimal use of existing nutrients and providing a new option to growers looking to maximize profitability while supporting environmental wellbeing.

Four years of field trials show that growers can improve ROI multiple ways using SOURCE.

• Those who use nitrogen fertilizer efficiently can add SOURCE to increase corn yields an average of 7.5 bushels per acre with an 83% win rate.

• Those with less efficient nitrogen fertilizer practices can use SOURCE to provide the equivalent of 25-50 lbs of nitrogen per acre while maintaining yield, greatly reducing input costs.

“If we look at the U.S. corn market, national yields continue to trend higher, but at an increasing cost to profitability and the environment. It takes more nitrogen to grow a bushel of corn today than it did 50 years ago, which is not a sustainable trend,” said Jeff Divan, Senior Manager of Sales Agronomy, Sound Agriculture. “As a grower myself, having a product like SOURCE that allows us to grow corn more efficiently while reducing impact on the land is a huge step forward.”

Results from 2020 trials at multiple locations showed that using SOURCE enabled the reduction of 25 lbs of nitrogen while maintaining or increasing yield. In certain locations and soil types, SOURCE enabled the reduction of 50 pounds of nitrogen while maintaining yield.

“We are using chemistry that enhances the natural abilities within the plant to improve yields and environmental outcomes without adding complexity for the grower,” said Adam Litle, CEO, Sound Agriculture. “SOURCE checks all the boxes. We sold out last year and, thanks to 10x higher production volume and top notch retail partners, are able to get SOURCE into the hands of more growers for the 2021 season.”