Pioneer Agronomist Provides Tips On Selecting The Right Soybean Variety


When picking the best soybean variety, yield is the attention grabber. However, finding the best overall match requires a broader look at the needs and specific characteristics of a given field.

Past problems with diseases, insects or weeds are important considerations.
“Every year, soybean selection comes down to choices,” said Nate LeVan, Pioneer Field Agronomist. “The biggest things to consider with your choices are yield potential and agronomics. Remember, weed control doesn’t have to take a backseat to the other two.”

Analyzing yield data helps indicate the environmental conditions in which varieties excel. Multiple locations and several years of data provide reliable yield information for making selection decisions.

It is important to evaluate products for tolerance or resistance to pests that are common in a given geography. A soybean varieties characteristic should match the key management issues for a field. Planting a soybean product with resistance to major soybean diseases or nematodes is an effective and economical method of risk management.

While it can be difficult to determine what soybean variety or trait is best, utilizing trial data, field history and local Pioneer resources can help make the process easier.