Podcast: Phosphorus and Algal Blooms (Part 1 of 4)


This week’s episode begins our four-part phosphorus series on Streamlines with your hosts John McMaine and Anthony Bly who introduce the following:

  • The Toledo Water Crisis and why phosphorus is important to water quality
  • The nutrient content within a system and what makes up those nutrients
  • The differentiation between phosphorus and nitrogen as nutrients
  • The challenges the our local Lake Mitchell faces
  • Other challenges that can occur from phosphorus and the way we maintain it

This week we are joined by Dr. Lindsey Pease, an assistant professor and extension specialist in nutrient and water management at the Northwest research and outreach center for the University of Minnesota, and Dr. Chad Penn, a soil scientist for the USDA Agricultural Research Service and an adjunct professor at Purdue University.

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