Precision Planting Adds Sprayer Technology To Its Product Portfolio


As the name implies, you likely know of the Precision Planting brand because of the company’s lineup of planting technology. Today, at their annual Winter Conference, Precision Planting revealed several projects to improve the operation and data collection of sprayers.

ReClaim Boom Priming and Recirculation
Traditional sprayers require farmers or operators to spray product on the ground to prime the width of the boom. It’s not uncommon for more than 50 gal. of product to be sprayed, causing a hot spot of chemicals. With ReClaim, chemicals mixed in the tank can be circulated through the booms and back to the tank without spraying any chemical on the ground.

“ReClaim uses a single rocker switch in the cab to engage recirculation, and once recirculation is completed, farmers are ready to spray with the correctly mixed chemical across the entire boom,” says Justin McMenamy, director of product, Precision Planting. “ReClaim is designed to be retrofit onto a farmer’s existing sprayer with electric or standard nozzles.”

Symphony Nozzle Control System
Many sprayer nozzles experience a change in pressure when the sprayer’s operating speed or rate changes. This adjustment in pressure changes droplet sizes, increasing the risk of drift or reducing leaf coverage. The Symphony Nozzle Control System allows the sprayer to maintain constant pressure even when changing rates or speed.

“When spraying to kill weeds or diseases, it is important to get consistent spray patterns across the field, even when changing speeds or rates,” says Luke Stuber, Symphony product manager, Precision Planting. “Symphony maintains consistent pressure across the boom, along with swath control and turn compensation for consistent spray coverage across every acre of the field.”

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